Benefits and Pitfalls of cashless payments

Here are the benefits of cashless payments and also the pitfalls you must watch out for because the country moves towards cashless surroundings when ending, the initial awe and confusion have given thanks to a flurry of issues. can the stress on on-line transactions offer convenience and tangible edges or simply augment stress and extra charges? To incentivise the move towards a cashless economy, the … Continue reading Benefits and Pitfalls of cashless payments

dreams vs goals

Dreams vs Goals

Let us begin by process what’s dream and what’s a goal. in step with an internet wordbook, “A dream may be a succession of pictures, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind. A goal may be a projected state of affairs that an individual or a system plans or intends to realize – a private or structure desired end-point in some style of assumed development. … Continue reading Dreams vs Goals

Reliance Group – India’s Most Profitable Company

Reliance Group is among India’s top private sector business houses serving over two hundred and fifty million customers across telecoms, power, financial services, facilities, media and entertainment, and healthcare sectors. Founded by the late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani (1932-2002), the Reliance Group positively influences the lives of 1 in every 5 aspiring Indians across more than 25, 1000 cities and towns and 400, 000 villages. based … Continue reading Reliance Group – India’s Most Profitable Company