The The World's Most Unique Coastal Vacation RentalsMost Unique Coastal Vacation Rentals

The World’s Most Unique Coastal Vacation Rentals

1.Waterfront Lighthouse

Pula, Croatia

Book It (begins at $170 every night)

Roosted on the tip of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, this 1882 beacon has a totally refreshed inside. The outside has been left in place, however, bringing to mind a former time of hazardous nautical among the stones and islets of this picturesque spot. It dozes eight, with three rooms and two showers.

The World's Most Unique Coastal Vacation Rentals

2.Hawaiian Cliff House

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Puna, Big Island, Hawaii

Book It (begins at $171 every night)

In this contemporary home, you’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the world. The all-solid structure is roosted on Kehena Point, near one of Hawaii’s well known dark sand shorelines. Its unmistakable geometric windows offer for all intents and purposes unending vantage indicates from which watch the Pacific, and the closest magma stream seeing site is only a short head out. The Cliff House rests four and has two rooms and two restrooms.

3.SoCal Water Tower

Seal Beach, California

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Touted as a standout amongst the most acclaimed beachfront points of interest in California, this more-than-85-foot-tall pinnacle offers an exceptional shoreline escape for up to eight individuals. The best floor lounge room appreciates 360-degree perspectives of the encompassing zone, including the sea, and the entire structure is lavishly enriched, so visitors can appreciate the finest luxuries while taking in completely top notch sees. The Water Tower has four rooms and three-and-a-half showers.

4.NOLA Firehouse

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Situated by the really popular French Quarter, this seven-room, seven-shower building was previously a working firehouse. It has since been totally revamped and changed over into an excursion rental obliging up to 14 visitors and offering present day courtesies. With simple access to some of New Orleans’ most prevalent neighborhoods, the firehouse gives an interesting living arrangement from which to investigate the city.

5.Grecian Cave House

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Santorini, Greece

Book It (begins at $479 every night)

What’s not to adore about this perpetually well known Mediterranean escape? A comfortable withdraw in a reestablished angler’s buckle, this cozy rental offers visitors marvelous water sees and a basic, rural setting. The give in has two rooms and dozes up to five individuals – and refreshes like wifi, an open air Jacuzzi, and a completely prepared kitchen guarantee that the curiosity of remaining in a buckle won’t diminish the unwinding factor.

The The World's Most Unique Coastal Vacation RentalsMost Unique Coastal Vacation Rentals

6.English Channel Radio Tower

Jersey, United Kingdom

Book It (begins at $381 every night)

Worked amid WWII by German Occupying Forces, this six-story radio pinnacle on the island of Jersey now fills in as both an unmistakable milestone and a noteworthy vantage point. Deliberately reestablished in a pioneer style, the pinnacle rests six, with three rooms and three lavatories. The best floor lounge room neglects both a staggering sound and a notorious beacon, with 360-degree sees.

7.Chilean Boat House

Valparaiso, Chile

Book It (begins at $247 every night)

Made of stone and wood, this beachfront property looks like an upset pontoon, roosted over the Pacific Ocean. Past the extraordinary house, visitors can appreciate a grill, an open air stove, a hot tub, and a tennis court. The house has guide access to a little shoreline with a characteristic freshwater tidal pond. This boat storage has four rooms and three washrooms and dozes up to eight visitors.

8.Costa Rican Airplane Home

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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Book It (begins at $306 every night)

Made with a repurposed 727 plane, this novel rental is roosted on a 50-foot-tall stage, with decks worked on the plane’s wings and rooms inside the plane itself, which has been connected with neighborhood teak. Two rooms, two lavatories, and living spaces sit inside the plane, offering visitors both brilliant perspectives of the Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio National Park. The plane dozes up to six visitors and incorporates access to a nearby inn’s pools and comforts.

The World's Most Unique Coastal Vacation Rentals

9.Orcas Island Forest House

Orcas Island, Washington

Book It (begins at $225 every night

Arranged high in the trees on a peaceful, excellent island off Washington’s drift, the Forest House is a breathtakingly evacuated withdraw. With one room, one restroom, and mind blowing sees, it makes for a flawless sentimental escape, and its simple access to the regular miracles of the island take into account hours of open air exercises.

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