Babar bhakt, Gabbar Singh Tax, Hardik’s sex CD: a glance at war of words as first part of cause ends in Gujarat

Like any other election, the Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 additionally saw its share of some intense political mud-slinging.

As the 1st phase of polling begins on Saturday, it is time to take a glance at some of the most entertaining  vital or debatable remarks made by politicians in the run-up to polls in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state.

‘Babar bhakt’

The remark that deserves to be right on top of this list is that the one created by BJP national representative GVL Narasimha Rao, who also gets brownie points for ability. On Wednesday, Rao tweeted that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has “teamed up with (Asaduddin) Owaisis, (Zafaryab) Jilanis” to oppose the development of Ram temple in Ayodhya. And he then went on to decision Rahul a ‘Babar bhakt’ and ‘kin of Khilji’, setting a new benchmark for online trolls.

‘Gabbar Singh Tax’

Speaking of creativity, Rahul’s transparent approach of criticising the goods and Services Tax (GST) created quite the stir. Early in Nov, Rahul had aforesaid that he wouldn’t rest until the five-slab “Gabbar Singh Tax” was converted into the “Goods and Services Tax” with an 18 percent cap.

“With 5 slabs, it’s the Gabbar Singh Tax, however with one tax, it’s the GST. Neither Gujarat nor India wants the Gabbar Singh Tax. The Congress had clearly told the BJP that there ought to be one tax with an 18-per cent cap and a straightforward tax (at that),” Gandhi had aforesaid.  “This Gabbar Singh Tax is robbery the small individuals of this country. This Gabbar Singh Tax is simply aimed toward breaking the rear of the small and medium scale industries of Gujarat and (the rest of) the country,” he had added. Modi retaliated to this remark by saying that a recently emerged “economist” was propagating a “grand stupid thought” by suggesting that GST rate be capped at 18 %.

Hardik Patel’s response to the ‘sex CD’ issue

Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel came up with a appropriate reply to a CD that had video clips allegedly showing his sexual escapades. In Nov, he had aforesaid that the individuals of Gujarat wish to ascertain what the BJP has done in 23 years rather than the video of a 23-year-old youth.

‘Aurangzeb raj’

During an election rally in Gujarat’s Valsad, Modi had called Congress’ method of electing its party president ‘Aurangzeb raj’. “Mani Shankar Aiyar aforesaid, ‘did elections happen throughout Mughal rule? after Jehangir, Shahjahan came, was any election held? when Shahjahan it was understood Aurangzeb are the leader’. thus Congress accepts it’s a family party? we do not wish this Aurangzeb rule,” ani had quoted Modi as saying.

The ‘real’ Hindutva party

Perhaps taking inspiration from the real Slim Shady by Eminem, minister of finance Arun Jaitley on Saturday found a unique way to dismiss Rahul’s temple visits. He had aforesaid that BJP was the original Hindutva party and Congress was simply a “clone”. “We (BJP) are connected to Hinduism, if individuals imitate us then what will we do? however the essential principle is, if the initial is accessible, why would individuals choose a clone?” Jaitley had aforesaid whereas replying to questions on Gandhi’s temple visits.

Congress’ ‘chaiwala’ barb

Showing that it had learnt nothing from Sonia Gandhi’s ‘maut Ka saudagar’ remark against Modi, Congress shot itself in the foot when the party’s youth wing’s on-line magazine Yuva Desh tweeted out a meme mocking Modi’s past as a tea-seller.

The magazine later withdrew the tweet with the meme, however the harm was already done. BJP’s national proponent Sambit Patra recalled the past ‘maut Ka saudagar’ jibe and warned the Congress of electoral consequences of abusing the prime minister. In fact, BJP leaders — together with Amit Shah and Jaitley — reacted by calibration in to Modi’s radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ whereas having tea with individuals across Gujarat. Actor-turned-politician Paresh Rawal took this mudslinging a step additional by tweeting that “our chaiwala is any day better than your bar-wala”.

‘Rome rajya’

If the Congress has not learnt something from the ‘maut Ka saudagar’ remark, the BJP has additionally clearly not learnt something from its dangerous habit of attempting to link Congress with Italy. BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast on Wed represented the coming Gujarat polls as a battle between “Ram rajya” and “Rome rajya”, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi symbolised the previous. “The Gujarat polls are a contest between ‘Ram rajya and Rome rajya’. Modi is the symbol of ‘Ram rajya’ in our times. The BJP will definitely win,” he had aforesaid.

Modi’s new slogan is ‘na bolunga, Na bolne dunga’: Rahul

While criticising the Modi government throughout a rally in Gujarat towards the end of Nov, Rahul Gandhi had aforesaid that Modi’s new slogan was ‘no bolunga, Na bolne dunga’. He had additionally aforesaid that whereas Modi solely liked  talking about his own ‘Mann ki Baat’, Congress needed to pay attention to the people’s mann ki baat.

Adityanath’s dig at Congress when Uttar Pradesh civic poll results

On 1 December, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath had taken a dig at the Congress and aforesaid the party that was dreaming of winning the Gujarat Assembly polls has didn’t even open an account in the Uttar Pradesh municipal corporation polls.

“Jo Gujarat jeetne Ka sapna dekh rahe hain unka yahan Amethi mein bhi soopda saaf Ho gaya hai,” he had said, ridiculing the Congress, that lost even in the party pocket borough of Amethi.

Shiv Sena praising Rahul Gandhi

One of the most stinging remarks against the BJP came from its ally shiv Sena. On Wed, the party had aforesaid that Gujarat polls had transformed Rahul Gandhi into a leader which the Congress vice-president’s temple visits was a “win for Hindutva”.

“The election, that is touted by the BJP to be a positive win, appears to possess tired Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as it has turned Rahul Gandhi into a pacesetter,” the Sena, a long-time but usually wrangle partner of the BJP, had aforesaid in an article in its mouthpiece Saamana.

Those opposing bullet train project will take bullock carts: Modi

While lashing out at Congress for its criticism of the Rs 1.1 100000 crore bullet train project, Modi had aforesaid, “Those opposing the bullet train project ought to travel on bullock carts. we can’t mind.”

He had additionally aforesaid that the UPA government beneath Manmohan Singh also needed the project however couldn’t get onto. “The NDA government got it at a negligible price. that the Congress did not like that. My solely grievance against the Congress is that if they might not accomplish something, why will it pain them once somebody else will it,” the prime minister had aforesaid.

Rahul’s question to Modi concerning safety of girls in Gujarat

On Sunday, Rahul had defendant Modi of creating faux promises to the ladies of Gujarat. The Congress leader had acknowledged that Gujarat was graded third in human trafficking, fifth in acid attacks on ladies and tenth in rape of minor ladies. “Why will Gujarat lag behind at twentieth place in lady kid education,” he had asked, mentioning that gross enrollment ratio of lady kid is at 20.5 against national average of 23.5 (higher education).

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