12 Celebrities Whose Age Will SHOCK You!

1.Jim Parsons – 42.

Jim Parsons, imagined in Houston Texas, has for quite a while been a TV champion on the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory as the offbeat Shelden Cooper. After you take in Parson’s honest to goodness age you might just envision that the on-screen character has gone to numerous Texas plastic surgery offices! Despite his boyish extraordinary looks, higher pitched talking voice, and predictable imperativeness before a group of people, Parsons is in reality 42 years old! Inconceivable, most likely, in any case, he’s earned that age with steady determined work every single through howdy occupation. Parsons has an Emmy task in his back pocket and he has put in some authentic work on Broadway, showing that he is a long ways past just a sitcom on-screen character.


2.Keanu Reeves – 51.

Keanu Reeves transformed into The One in his star turning execution as Neo in the Matrix set of three. Starting now and into the foreseeable future we’ve seen Keanu continue keeping it authentic in the movement sort by means of getting a hit part in the group excellent John Wick. Reeves has been progressive in the film business since 1984 and he’s starting now taken care of his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Due to his consistent extraordinary looks, no plastic master work here, and his inclination for clearly never developing, there have been bits of tattle that Reeves is in fact a vampire. We don’t think this is legitimate, regardless, rather we essentially think the 51-year-old has exceptional qualities and a persevering state of mind that keeps him fit.

3.Jared Leto – 43.

A flimsy edge, wide blue eyes, long hair, and a blasting voice pretty precisely aggregate up genius Jared Leto — yet there is significant all the more going ahead under the surface. Leto rose to distinction because of his hit rock band 30 Seconds to Mars and he stayed there by transforming into a real Hollywood entertainer. Presently his boyish great looks are being utilized as often as possible as a part of such star turning movies as Dallas Buyers Club and the up and coming Suicide Squad arrangement where Leto has tackled the mantle of the Joker. Trust it or not the Leto you see overflowing mild-mannered boyish appeal is 43 years of age.

4.Emily Kinney – 30.

Emily Kinney ascended from relative indefinite quality into star-making distinction on account of her part as Beth Greene on The Walking Dead. Kinney was commended for her wonderful voice, characteristic great looks, and science with co-star Norman Reedus. Playing a young person, numerous fans were stunned to discover that the blonde on-screen character/vocalist was at that point right around 30 years of age! Kinney’s keep running on The Walking Dead has subsequent to finished yet now she is proceeding onward with her band and whatever acting work moves her direction.

5.Paul Rudd – 46.

Paul Rudd has been a Hollywood column since the ’80s and ’90s, landing driving man parts if only for his boyish awesome looks. Rudd has ordinary square shaped, wonderful comedic hacks, and the sort of emotive parts that swing social affairs of individuals to mush. In the blink of an eye the star of Antman, Rudd is surging in a radical new course at 46 years of age — if you can believe it. We valued Rudd in Parks and Rec, I Love You Man and Role Models.

6.Sofia Vergara – 43.

Sofia Vergara has a few characterizing highlights, the slightest of which could be viewed as her mind-boggling great looks. Vergara is at present the greatest star on TV because of her triumphant part on Modern Family yet the 43-year-old Colombian is currently getting work basically at whatever point she needs. Vergara has been in the business since 1995 and figures to be there for a little while yet because of her characteristic great looks and simple appeal.

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7.Jennifer Aniston – 46.

In case Jennifer Aniston hadn’t done another occupation after her work on the best TV demonstrate ever, Friends, in any case you’d say that she had an amazing calling. In any case, that isn’t the way Aniston has worked by any methods. The Sherman Oaks neighborhood has recently been hinting at change with age, getting the chance to be one of the best female stars on the planet at 46 years old. Aniston has landed including parts in hit motion pictures like Cake and We Are the Millers starting late.

8.Chuck Norris – 75.

Some say that transforming into the punchline of a joke is a shocking thing in Hollywood, yet Chuck Norris has turned that idea on its head. Norris is 75 years old, in any case, he’s still a champion amongst the most pervasive movement legends in the business. Norris is using his driving forward unmistakable quality to get a notice to his political side, being a staunch preservationist, and more vitality to him for using his refinement for something that isn’t solely self-serving.

9.Gwen Stefani – 46.

Gwen Stefani mellowed onto the scene up the late ’80s and mid-’90s with her hit rock band, No Doubt. Stefani got a Grammy, a couple Billboard Awards, and even an American Music Award over her work. In the blink of an eye the 46-year-old bang out is a well known society image by virtue of her work on The Voice. Stefani has been situated as one of the Greatest Women in Music by VH1.

10.Tom Cruise – 53.

There is no figure in Hollywood more divisive than Tom Cruise. The voyage has been making action flicks resulting to the ’80s, including in gems like Top Gun, Mission Impossible, and Born on the Fourth of July. Along the way the New York neighborhood changed into an entertainer with honest to goodness clout, getting holding parts in some really wonderful films. The trip is celebrated for his religion, and additionally his status to do anything to ‘get the shot’. In no time Cruise, one of Hollywood’s most liberally remunerated stars, is pushing 53 years old and up ’til now looking pretty much as incredible as when he was 30. A few people got all the favorable luck.

11.Robert Downey Jr – 50.

Robert Downey Jr is 50 years old, as of late let that sink in for a moment. The Iron Man and Sherlock star have been shaking out on the silver screen for most of the latest 30 years and his bounce back story might be the best that Hollywood has ever seen. Trust it or not Downey Jr was once as huge as he is available, simply his star was secured by medicine propensity and time spent in prison. Downey Jr worked his route move down the Hollywood venturing stool and is in a matter of seconds affirmation positive that there are recovery cases out there.


12.Brad Pitt – 51.

Eventually in time Hollywood made the shift far from genuine A-List whizzes, and Brad Pitt might be one of the last ones in the business. An A-List whiz is a name that can simply draw tremendous film industry numbers, something Pitt has accomplished for the aggregate of his vocation. From his genius marriage to Angelina Jolie to the consistent honors he has gotten over his decades in the biz, Pitt is one of the continuing performers of our era. On top of his ability, Pitt is one of the most attractive men in Hollywood and he routinely eclipses as far as anyone knows more youthful and more blazing ability, despite the fact that he is 51 years of age!

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